My Story
My name is Sara and it is important for me to tell you my story, in order for you to understand that actually we are in the same boat.
I am a confectioner, and I own a boutique confectionary more than 10 years.
I sold a variety of products, including pies, cakes and desserts, to many restaurants in Israel.
A few years ago, just accidentally, I found out that I was sensitive to gluten.
All of a sudden, in the middle of life, I understood that I cannot eat anymore "spontaneously". That I have to plan my meals and inquire about their components.
My personal need caused me to open up and to get acquainted with a healthier world: " A world without gluten".
A world in which I realized that the most obvious missing product for me was the familiar loved bread.
In this world, I was exposed to healthy tastes and products. I changed eating habits, and most important of all, I understood that I have to take care of myself and my friends – take care of people like me.
I started, right away, to work hard on developing a bread that is free of gluten, eggs or soy.
Since baking is close to my heart and is a main part in my life, I used the best products I knew. Soon, a real rural bread was produced. One that matches the taste and smell of the bread, which I used to eat through-out all my life.
After the good taste of bread came back to my life, I decided that if there is no tasting - there is no making !!!
Since I could not taste the exiting products of my boutique bakery – I stopped producing them.
I started to develop gluten free products: breads, pies, cakes and different kinds of baked products.
Until a large variety of foods was produced for me and my friends.
The personal success of jumping lightly over the gluten hedge, eating foods and tasting tastes in a large parallel menu, brought back the smile and the pleasure into my life, and I am transforming it to you.
at the email site you can find details about the products and where they can be found.
Friends, Remember 
 I am always here, at your service, for every question and request.

Phone: 972+8-6846620
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